Problems Facing The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry lost $118 billion in 2020. When the industry started recovering, new challenges appeared:
  • A fast-growing demand for flights, requiring the need to quickly return planes and their crews into operation
  • A growing demand for ground operations and an increase in the number of passengers served
  • The necessity to implement new technologies and approaches to more efficiently run operations
During COVID-19, the aviation industry faced the need for complete transformation
  • The aviation industry has faced new health and aircraft operational requirements, requiring the implementation of numerous organizational and technical courses of action
In 2021-2025, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be increasingly used by airports and aviation-related businesses to:
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide new opportunities for ground operations
  • Improve the passenger experience so that they want to spend more time at the airport
Airport 4.0 Digital transformation is a MUST for airport operators to reduce costs and improve customer service
  • Increase safety, ensure flexible wait line management
  • Comprehend how to improve experiences for BOTH passengers and airlines
  • Implement better ground operations control
  • Optimize expenses in order to reduce costs


The DaedalusAI platform can be used for building customized solutions for airports to meet the Airport 4.0 concept. Airport 4.0 is an innovative concept that uses real-time data for comprehensive AI-driven analysis and connects all stakeholders in one fully integrated digital ecosystem.

Airport 4.0 Concept Core Components and Features

Health Safety: Health regulation control
  • Social distancing enforcement
  • Face mask wearing enforcement
  • Maximum people capacity control in various areas of the airport
Security: Potential threat detection
  • Security control
  • Behavioral control
  • Body language control
  • Suspicious movement patterns with point-to-point tracking
  • Face recognition
  • License plate number recognition
Operations: Airport ground operations and apron management
  • Passengers and luggage volume forecasting
  • Apron control and management
  • Ground operations control
  • Dynamic shift management
  • Operational quality control
Maintenance: Airport equipment and environment maintenance control
  • Equipment usage control
  • Traffic-driven equipment forecasting
  • Maintenance planning based on equipment usage data
Retail: Customer Behavioral Analysis
  • Smart airport socializing with WAITO
  • Airport retail security

DaedalusAI Platform core concept

Our platform provides a complete and flexible set of AI driven features for enabling the following in-airport solutions:
Demand Analysis
Demand analysis and forecasting based on queues monitoring and flights schedule
Retail & Passengers
WAITO APP-based activities: щnline and offline ordering, social activities, promos, sales and more
Platform Management
Functionality for platform management, configuration, data consolidation and analytics
Management and adoption based on aviation companies’ and passengers’ demand for operations
Ground Operations
Full set of features for Apron and Ground operations
Employee management
Shift management, productivity and efficiency control, real-time calculation of labor costs, integration with payroll and accounting system
Equipment usage control
Computer Vision-based monitoring of airport equipment utilization and maintenance planning
Floor Management
Seating charts, analytics, analysis of demand for seats in different areas of the airport
Security & Safety
Process monitoring, production support and control, waste control
All security features are monitored by Computer Vision-based system
COVID-19 safety measures control
Our platform provides a complete and flexible set of AI driven features for enabling the following in-airport solutions:
  • Security: Public Area Video Analytics & Road Traffic Analysis System
  • Operations: Apron Management and Intelligent Airport Ground Operations System
  • Maintenance Control and Management
  • Health Regulations and Compliance Control (Social Distancing and Face Mask Wearing enforcement)
  • Smart Airport Retail System

DaedalusAI Features

Apron Management
Maintenance Operations Management
Line Monitoring
Public Area & Roads Traffic Analysis
Health Regulations and Compliance Control
Travel Socialization
Smart Airport Retail Solutions
Apron Management

Apron Management — improving airport efficiency by streamlining aircraft turnarounds.

Apron management system inside of DaedalusAI Platform developed by Softarex helps airports effectively manage daily apron operations using:

  • Automated recording of aircraft turnaround process
  • Verifying that turnaround times adhere to the schedule
  • Anomalies detection and tracking
  • Complex behavioral analysis
  • Integration of timestamps with wearables that keeps ramp agents up to date with the progress
  • Real-time identification of efficiency, safety, and security issues
  • Integration with the existing A-CDM
Maintenance Operations Management

DaedalusAI Platform contains robust technology solutions that provide operators with up-to-the-minute information on ground support and passenger terminal equipment condition to automate and streamline daily equipment tracking and maintenance.

Real-time Aircraft Monitoring and Maintenance Planning

Using computer vision technology, our systems collect real-time equipment data from cameras, IoT devices, and GPS trackers, analyze it and create detailed reports that show what maintenance activities should be performed. Then they automatically create and assign tasks to staff members and send prompt notifications about any emergencies.

Staff Monitoring

Aircraft Maintenance Systems also provides functionality for complex airport staff monitoring. Users can track workers' availability, movements, activity, and behavior in real-time. It helps boost productivity, improve staff allocation, and ensures more informed maintenance planning decision-making.

Airport Equipment Maintenance Management

Airports daily use a huge amount of various equipment and vehicles: tugs and tractors, buses, container loaders, transporters, passenger boarding steps, belt loaders, luggage carts, etc.

All of this equipment requires continuous maintenance and monitoring. However, due to the lack of real-time visibility into the equipment usage maintenance control tasks are usually performed manually, MRO operators often fail to troubleshoot problems in a timely manner or doing not necessary maintenance to equipment which not require maintenance. This dramatically affects the efficiency of airport operations and results in delays and high financial losses.

Line Monitoring

DaedalusAI Platform creates heatmaps from video streams and measures a large set of KPIs for lines in unstructured airport areas such as check-in and security:

  • Line outflow
  • Line length
  • Desk throughput
  • Process time
  • Estimated waiting time

The obtained data is used to re-structure line layouts and overflow spaces to maintain the physical distancing of passengers. Real-time KPI measurement helps optimize resource planning and desk allocation, improve line management efficiency, and, as a result, boosts the overall passenger experience.

Public Area & Roads Traffic Analysis

DaedalusAI system gives airports full control over public areas and road traffic using cutting-edge Computer Vision algorithms. It provides the following features:

  • Detecting and counting the presence, number, and speed of vehicles
  • Tracking and predicting vehicles maneuvers through complex road scenes
  • Tracking and recognition of car license plates in real-time at different brightness, and local obstacles
  • Identification of objects in video streams
  • Text recognition on moving objects in the video stream
  • Area monitoring for the presence/absence of certain objects
  • Congestion data (queue length, flow rates)
  • Face recognition and face identification
  • Face search in a video stream/photo database
  • Multi-threaded search from many video sources and cameras
  • Counting objects and identifying illegal entries, crowd gatherings, loitering, and objects left behind
  • Emotions recognition
  • Monitoring of the behavior of large groups of people
  • Keeping detailed records of the flow of people through certain areas
  • Predicting and quickly responding to crowding and loitering
  • Identification of potential suspects through suspicious movement patterns with Point-2-Point Tracking
  • Monitoring of particular suspect's movements within the airport and mapping suspects
  • Onboarding security with facial recognition
  • Check-in process monitoring and automatization
Health Regulations and Compliance Control

DaedalusAI Platform accurately counts the number of people entering or leaving a place, providing employees with real-time information about the number of customers to help them comply with established social distancing rules.

If the maximum permitted numbers have been reached, DaedalusAI sends notifications to employees and customers, controls the work of automatic doors, and generates pre-defined variations of messages like ‘wait’ and ‘enter’ on monitors.

The system totally eliminates the need for engaging any additional staff to control the number of people on-premises.

DaedalusAI Provides the Following Features:

  • Controls the number of people indoors
  • Provides customers with a clear message on whether it's possible to enter or not
  • Covers multiple entrances and exits
  • Monitors, understands, and learns from customer behavior
  • Reports on building’s daily footfall
  • Recognizes face masks of all types and sizes, not affected by hat, glasses, or headscarf
  • Notifies about norm violations: no mask or incorrect wearing
  • Stores violators’ photos in the database
  • Builds roadmaps of violators to keep other people safe
  • Sends smart reminders about mask-wearing
Travel Socialization

For many travelers, especially solo ones, a flight is more than just getting from point A to point B. It's an opportunity to work on a laptop, read a book, watch a movie, or meet new people and have a nice conversation, especially if it's a long flight, like from Singapore to New York. And whether a flight will be a pleasant experience or a total disaster may heavily depend on the people you sit next to.

Softarex has developed WAITO — a mobile social travel app that connects fellow travelers and transforms solo travel into a pleasant social experience.

In-flight Communication. App users can communicate in flight chats to meet fellow travelers with common interests and plans, and pick perfect seatmates.

Layover and Airport Communication. In-app airport chats connect travelers during layovers and before flights. Fellow travelers can meet for lunch, beer, or coffee, go shopping together, split a taxi or transfer from the airport, and more. All the user needs to do is to add their location tag, write a comment, and wait for responses from other travelers.

Smart Airport Retail Solutions

AI-based video analytics algorithms implemented in the DaedalusAI Platform provide valuable insights into airport retail shops, passengers’ behavior, and buying habits.

DaedalusAI Platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Shop footfall analysis
  • Optimized staff planning
  • Product placement and store layout optimization
  • Adjusting working hours according to the store footfall
  • Reduced wait times
  • Monitoring of visitor demographics, shopping time and routes
  • Analyzing customers’ on-site activities and detecting their emotions
  • Cloud-based data hosting

Cooperation Business Model

One-time license platform setup, configuration and launch Fee
Platform Maintenance Annual Fee

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